Art & Object
15–18 November

We’re opening up the apartment and invite you all to experience the work by our favourite artists and makers from across Australia and Scandinavia. Join us for one of our events or simply just come over for a visit.

Adele Macer, Amigos de Hoy, Anne Miller, Apparentt, Bedouin Societe, Cadrys, Ella Bendrups, Eleanor Louise Butt, Emily Persson, Hannah Fox, Iittala, Jen Behrend, Kristina Dam, LAAL, Lily Johannah, Ligne Roset, Lumil, Natalie Rosin, Maegan Brown, Melissa Boughey, Menu, Michelle Kettle, Moda Piera, Peaches & Keen, Reeta Ek, Restart Milano, Rhys Cooper, Silas Studio, Vanessa Lucas, Woud, Yos Studio, and Zakkia.

from 74.00