Podcasts for Interior Designers

Do you find yourself starting every conversation with ‘I heard on a podcast that…’  I know, right? So I have talked to my friends about their favorite podcasts and listened to them too and put this list together. Who knows how many hours I’ve spent researching this story?!? You’re welcome. 

These will appeal to you especially if you run your own business and work in the realms of design. Tell me, which podcasts are you loving?  

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How I Built This with Guy Raz 

This is a big one. Guy interviews the people behind the brands that we all know. My favorites are the interview with Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx. The founders of Instagram and Anthony Casalena of Squarespace are pretty epic stories too. I also recommend listening to some brands we may not be as familiar with such as Dave’s Killer Bread; the story of when Dave got out of jail and started baking bread that is sold across the US. There are so many inspiring stories here and Guy is a fantastic interviewer. 


The Business of Design   

This podcast has interior designers from all over the world nodding their heads in agreement and ‘ah-ha’ moments. American designer Kimberly Seldon hits on topics that have long been shrouded in secrecy for interior designers. How to charge for your services and structure your business are the main focus. From mistakes we’ve all made to how to deal with clients when it all goes pear-shaped, she has answers for all situations and has built an enthusiastic following of designers.  

 Second Life 

Second Life is exactly that; it’s about second careers of successful founders, writers, designers, CEOs, mothers and more. I loved interviews with interior designers Emily Henderson and Amber Lewis. And I also loved hearing from Jennifer Lopez, Busy Philipps and Molly McNearney. Some seriously cool and inspiring women here. 

A Well Designed Business  

The host is New York designer LuAnn Nigara. She’s bold, fun and friendly; she gets straight to the point. The music is pretty cheesy, but this podcast is absolutely full of inspiration and information. My favorites are with Amber Lewis, she’s refreshingly honest about running an interior design practice. It’s surprising hearing that her practice experiences the same pain points as we all do. Guests range from American designers you may know such as Nate Berkus and Shea McGee, however don’t let the names get in the way of listening, as the unknown names have plenty of amazing insights to offer. Topics range from ‘8 Steps to Running a Profitable Interior Design Business’ to ‘How to Get More Clients’.  


TDF Talks 

Lucy is a talented and natural interviewer. She asks the questions that you really want to know about the creative person she’s interviewing. My favorite interviews are the hilarious chat with Tim Ross that sees Lucy giggling along. I enjoyed the insightful interview with architect Peter Maddison and the honest interview with David Bromley about the art world. Artists, architects, designers, stylists and creative entrepreneurs are interviewed here and I keenly wait for the next fortnightly episode. 

Also, how refreshing to hear gorgeous Australian accents amongst a sea of American accents.  


Desert Island Discs 

When I want to just get my head out of design, I go to Desert Island Disks. If you are from the UK, or have lived there, then you’re probably familiar with this radio progamme that has been going since 1942. Everybody, and I mean everyone has been asked if you were stranded on a desert island, what woud be your eight track playlist, a book of your choice, and one luxury item? For me, this is the perfect pod as it merges music and stories. I loved Ricky Gervais (obvs), David Beckham, Christine McVie and Nile Rodgers but also names I didn’t know and really enjoyed their stories too.

Phillip Li & Lauren Li