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Decor & Design WORKSHOP | How to Build a Successful Interior Design Business

Running a successful design business in a crowded market is tough. You need the best possible tools and access to the latest market information. Take the lead and stay ahead of your competitors with this practical, interactive workshop from industry leaders Houzz, which will teach you how to leverage consumer trends insights, the latest software and other tools to both amplify and streamline your design business.

This in-depth session will be led by Tony Been from IVY, who will grill an illustrious trio of design firm principals on what it’s taken to grow and scale their businesses.

They’ll share from experience and offer advice for building infrastructure, creating systems and expanding your brand. You’ll also meet ‘IVY’ – a community and business management tool for designers.

Attendees will gain insights into:

  • Reading the signs that it’s time to grow

  • Considerations when hiring a team

  • Turning pain points into opportunity

  • Leveraging smart tech and processes for efficiency and profitability

  • Managing the elusive work/life balance

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