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Photoshop + InDesign for Interior Designers

Photoshop + InDesign for Interior Designers - 20th and 21st August


Date: Tuesday 20th & Wednesday 21st August

This is two whole day sessions from 10am to 4pm.

Learn essential tools in Photoshop and Indesign specific for interior designers. Create beautiful lush visuals that clients will find appealing and illustrate designs clearly. When the client can visualise the design intent through coloured floorplans and elevations, the design comes to life. By using clear visuals rather then just words, the client can see and understand, which makes the process flow easily from there.

This session focuses on creating detailed floorplans and elevations using textures, lighting and shadows in Photoshop. We learn how to use Indesign to create multi-page professional presentations. You’ll never use powerpoint again!

Useful tools are demonstrated in this session, with the small group of six allowing for each student having hands-on time with Lauren. Ideal for those wanting a refresher course or total beginners, this brings it back to basics.

This is a useful follow-up course from SketchUp with Photoshop tools used to improve the 3D visuals.

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