Arancini Floor Lamp

Arancini Floor Lamp


This lamp really got all the designers attention when it launched - we kind of lost our minds! I love the combination of materials, the travertine and brass, along with the form. Each piece is made in Melbourne by Moda Piera, however this local designer has made international waves. One of my favorite designers, Dorothee Meilichzon used this lamp in the new Hotel des Grands Boulevards in the heart of Paris. We're onto a winner here folks!

The minimal geometric form of the Arancini Lamp is perfectly balanced and almost sculptural in appearance. 

When illuminated this dimmable lamp gives off a warm ambient light, highlighting its clean lines and classic material combination of brass and travertine.

Each of the lamps components are worked by hand and natural materials are left in their raw form to celebrate their inherent qualities.

Accordingly, as the lamp ages it develops a patina reflective of the environment it inhabits and becomes imbued with a character and beauty unique to its individual circumstance.

Come by the Apartment to see this gorgeous light in person.

Choose from: Brass or Black
Product lead time: 4-7 weeks from ordering

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