Art Mobile by Peaches & Keen - Med

Art Mobile by Peaches & Keen - Med


These art mobiles are a best seller at The Apartment. They are simply stunning in person. We’ve hung a few over our large dining table and the possibilities are exciting. Hang one over a staircase, in the corner of a living room or in your bedroom. That’s right - your room, not the baby room. They’re like earrings for your house.

The slow movement of each piece creates a subtle dance of shadow and light reflecting on the brass and through the transparencies of the plastic.

Combining hand-cut brass and hand-fused lightweight plastic, this mobile is an individual one-off design. A playful adaptation of the Botanical Calamity arrangements, each component is a reflection of the shapes and textures that Lily and Lucy found in nature translated into 3D hanging forms.

Peaches & Keen are continuously evolving their practice. These art mobiles are the very first release of mobiles and they merge between the art, design and homewares realms.

Overall dimensions approx. 1m high x 40cm wide

Individual components include:
2.4mm thick hand-bent wire frame
Solid brushed brass shapes
Fused plastic in our iconic colour and texture combinations

Brass gets better with age and wear and will continue to develop a beautiful patina with use. If you wish to clean it use a specific brass polish and avoid contact with plastic components.

Comes packed flat and ready to hang.

Each piece is unique and cannot be recreated. Custom orders available.
Made by Peaches+Keen in the Peaches & Keen studio in Selby, Australia

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