Bollo Armchair

Bollo Armchair

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Norwegian designer Andreas Engesvik was inspired as he was eating a packet of marshmallows when he designed the Bollo chair and the rest is history!* 

The Bollo Armchair is not only visually stunning, it has a heightened level of comfort as the soft volumes gently surround you. The slender steel frame keeps the chair looking elegant and light. There really isn't another armchair like it and since it's recent release, it's been a firm favorite at Sisällä.  So much so, that we have one in our studio so feel free to take a seat and give it a try!

The steel can be powdercoated in a range of gorgeous colours with many fabric and leather options available. If Sisällä can assist with selecting the perfect finishes for your home, please get in touch. 

The Bollo Armchair is made by Swedish brand Fogia and is available from our friends at Fred International. 

* I may have made this bit up.

Designed by Andreas Engesvik for Fogia.

Please email us to discuss fabric options for this piece. 

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