Carrie LED Table Lamp

Carrie LED Table Lamp


Think of the Carrie lamp in terms of a 'carry' lamp, rather than of the Bradshaw variety.  This is a true cordless lamp that you can move around your place, from creating instant 'hygge' at the dining table, or on the sofa softly illuminating your popcorn whilst binging on Netflix, to the bedside for a read before bed.  However, the Carrie lamp really comes into it own, at a picnic at dusk and especially when it's time to pack up.  You'll be feeling like a smug professional picnic-er when you flick on the Carrie lamp and feeling quite cool carrying it lantern-style on the walk home.

It's a lightweight, portable lamp which also has the option of taking the handle off, for a minimalist look. It comes with a convenient USB charger too so it's never been easier to use!

Designed by Norm Architects for Menu. 

Dimensions: H 24.5cm x W 13.5cm x D 13.5cm

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