Coastal side plate by Ella Bendrups

Coastal side plate by Ella Bendrups


This Coastal Side Plate is made from a high fired, white raku stoneware clay, with a white satin glaze. There is a raised imperfection on the top face of the plate. It is intended for decorative use. 

The piece measures approximately 18.5cm in Diameter with a Height of 1.5cm. Hand washing is recommended. 

Though the photographs show the items, the actual colour of the piece may differ slightly from how it appears on your screen. Irregularities in shape, surface, marks and texture reflect the handmade nature of the piece and should be embraced.

About the artist:

Ella hand-builds ceramics from a home studio in Melbourne's Northern suburbs. She utilises pinching, carving and slab building techniques to create functional and sculptural pieces with an organic feel. Ella celebrates the maker's touch, drawing on primitive pottery techniques and embracing evidence of process in her finished work.

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