Eyelid Vase by Natalie Rosin

Eyelid Vase by Natalie Rosin


materials: raku clay
glaze: black underglaze + transparent gloss glaze
dimensions: 195mm height x 75mm diameter
description: this vase has been handmade, hand painted and fired to 1250 degrees Celsius in Sydney, Australia. 

About the artist:

 “To merge ceramics with architectural thought introduces a place open to experimentation, unexplored forms and intuitive structures, forming new expectations from the spaces we inhabit and the environments built around us”

Natalie is a graduate architect and ceramicist from Sydney, Australia. 
Her practice involves the integration of these two disciplines.

​The handmade ceramic sculptures and architectural decor she forms aim to provide accessible art and design to those spaces and built environments who appreciate ceramics, sculpture and Australian design.

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