Jökull Mud Pools Framed Print

Jökull Mud Pools Framed Print

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I was blown away when I first saw these pieces. At first, they are quite abstract and it's not clear exactly what they are, which draws you in. Maegan is one of those people that has too many talents, an true over achiever. We look forward to seeing her new collection too.

Maegan Brown expeditions to untouched locations often deserted by civilisation. Her photographs seek to capture abstract patterns and textures found within unusual and etherial landscapes. Taken from aerial heights, these mysterious and otherworldly compositions excite the imagination and challenge our sense of scale, perspective and the familiar. Jökull, Upala and Salt capture a contemplative stillness — minimal and elegant, yet dramatic and emotive.

Available in 4 sizes,

Small — 420 x 315 mm, Medium — 583 x 437 mm

Large — 800 x 600 mm, Extra Large — 1100 x 823 mm

Each print is limited to an edition of 10.
Each comes with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

Lead time: Six weeks from order

Small — 420 x 315 mm: 1 in stock at Sisalla Apartment

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