Things Ladder

Things Ladder


Call it a towel ladder if you like, but it's so much more than somewhere to hang your towels. This elegant ladder looks so chic in the bedroom to hang a selection of scarves, handbags and necklaces, or pehaps tomorrows outfit, if you're that organized! In the kitchen it's handy for hanging a few saucepans and the kitchen towel. In the living room its handy to hang the newspaper and magazines with a handy throw rug over the ash wood rungs. Of course it is a super functional piece in the bathroom for towels and accessories. 

The ladder is beautifully made with a fine elegant powdercoated steel frame with curved edges, stained ash rungs and a tan leather handle, with rubber stoppers so it won't damage your floor. It's part of the Menu bathroom collection designed by Norm Architects, who are based in Copenhagen, if you couldn't tell!

Designed by Norm Architects for Menu.

Materials: Powder-coated steel, stained dark ash and leather
Dimensions: H 170cm x W 60cm x D 3.5cm

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