Warm Whispers by Hannah Fox

Warm Whispers by Hannah Fox


Warm Whispers , oil on canvas by Hannah Fox

111 x 150 cm

Tasmanian Oak Frame

Artist Statement:

As an artist, I employ a visual language to allow us to see things in a new light.

The collective inspiration for my art is the allure of the nature, the subtleties of the landscape and what is overlooked in the everyday. I am motivated by simple aesthetics­ ­— space, light, colour and texture.

My work is an emotional response to the natural world. Rather than depicting the physical truth of a landscape, I aim to express its essence. I draw upon remembered places and images in my mind to create new visual experiences. My paintings are an abstract interpretation of what the land presents… leaves that scatter the bush floor, twigs that lie in patches, peeling bark on tree trunks, the dappled sunlit earth, a horizon etched out from the sky.

I enable the paint surface to dictate, bringing a touch of the unexpected. I seek a certain amount of unity in the finished pieces, yet I explore an intuitive process to painting and allow for an element of serendipity.

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